WhatsApp Integration for your Lab Improves Patient Engagement!

Integrate WhatsApp to keep your patients informed and connected to your centre; improving patient engagement for your lab.

Godavari Doke

Godavari Doke

CrelioHealth for Diagnostics (formerly LiveHealth)
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Communication establishes a better experience for patients and gives them the ease to reach out to you as and when required. It is an element that builds trust with your patients. To enhance this relationship with your customers, we have introduced automated WhatsApp communication to patients. You can use this platform to reach out to them directly and help them stay informed and connected with your centre.


Benefits of WhatsApp Communication

Here’s what we offer with WhatsApp communication:


Patient Welcome Message

Soon after a new patient is registered at your centre, they will be sent a welcome message with your business name. This will be followed by a short introduction that can help patients understand what they can do next.


To this message, you can also add your personalised tagline that represents your brand.


Send Notifications about Orders with Pay Online Options

When a test is ordered, they will be sent a notification about all test orders booked with billing details and pay online options. The message also helps patients to track the progress of their test results at ease.

Online payment option enables patients to pay their bills/dues with absolute ease and gets directly transferred to your bank account within 2 working days.



Notify Patients when Reports are Ready

Whatsapp communication helps you notify patients when reports are ready. They can ask for a report PDF directly by replying ‘Report’ to this message.

Reports can also be viewed online or through the patient’s app.


With Whatsapp Communication, LiveHealth ensures better patient engagement for your lab. Patients no longer require to worry about downloading or installing any other app to manage their health reports.


We are soon to launch the following for this update:

  1. Referrals and Organisations can use their respective logins to send notifications.
  2. Patients can ask for bill receipts by replying ‘Receipts’ to the test ordered notifications.
  3. Automatic feedback message that allows patients to rate their experience with your lab centre.

Why Feedback is Important -

Collecting patient feedback is an important practice as it is useful for the lab to improve the lab experience for new and repeat patients.


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