CrelioHealth for Diagnostics (formerly LiveHealth)

CrelioHealth is a next generation cloud based platform that helps you take care of your centre & manage it better with insights & analytics.


How Data Can Improve Clinical Outcomes?

Technological developments in healthcare have changed the approach of looking at data. They no longer exist just to manage operations or a business seamlessly but now have also become useful to...

LiveHealth is now CrelioHealth

Pune, October 21, 2020 LiveHealth is excited to announce its new identity as we go global.

LiveHealth Achieves HIPAA Compliance with Compliancy Group

LiveHealth ensures data security by complying with United States’ HIPAA regulations by completing Compliancy Group's proprietary 6-Stage HIPAA Risk Analysis and remediation process.

Securing Your Healthcare Data - A Must Today

All healthcare service providers must provide and assure patients, doctors and the authorities of high-level data security and must use systems and processes that protect against any potential...

iGenetic Diagnostics Grows Fresh Revenue Streams for Business, using LiveHealth

The MD at iGenetic Diagnostics, Arunima Patel shares how the fastest growing diagnostics chain generated big revenue streams and monitored business in real-time using LiveHealth LIMS & its robust...

Impact of COVID-19 on the Diagnostic Industry

COVID-19 has created a positive impact in several areas of the diagnostic industry. Just in a few months of 2020, the industry noticed significant growth in medical research along with digital...

COVID-19 Antibody vs Antigen Tests - Role in Community Testing

Antigen & Antibody tests are rapid testing procedures performed on blood samples to detect antigens & antibodies for an illness. For nCOV disease, they are recommended for community testing aiming to...

Importance, Results & Impact of Mumbai’s Sero Survey

This blog describes How the Serological Survey Conducted amongst Slums & Non Slums in a densely populated city like Mumbai will help to understand our immunity level against COVID-19

Enable COVID-19 Smart Reports for Patients on LiveHealth LIMS

Offer patients more information than being tested 'Positive' or 'Negative.' Smart COVID-19 reports clearly explains them about health risks, symptoms and best precautionary practices to follow.  

COVID-19 Lab Setup in 15 mins - LiveHealth's Digital Solution for Efficient Testing at Scale

With the rapidly spreading of COVID-19 disease on a global level, the governments in a few countries decided to authorize all pathology labs for community testing (antibody & antigen test); aiming to...