Automate Sample Plating Effort for PCR Testing

Automate your PCR testing workflow with system generated batch sheet and auto-upload sample position.

Godavari Doke

Godavari Doke

CrelioHealth for Diagnostics (formerly LiveHealth)
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The growing number of coronavirus outbreak demands more and more RT-PCR done each day to contain the viral spread. Keeping the daily capacity and TAT balanced is the one key challenge that is affecting labs because every COVID-19 setting including labs is overloaded with work. The solution would be to automate the workflow as far as possible.


How does automating PCR Plating help?

While the available COVID-19 report interfacing and submission process to ICMR and state/central govt. has been automated, the process of creating batches for PCR testing is still done manually. Automating this process can be a solution to reduce the effort and errors that mainly occur during this process.

PCR plating automation can be extremely helpful in two ways. It allows to -

  1. Create a worklist aka batch sheet for sample arrangement with the help of the LIMS system
  2. Upload sample position to analysers/machines automatically reducing errors, effort and time


CrelioHealth PCR Plating Automation allows you to do just that; eliminating the hassle of handwritten batch sheets at RT-PCR testing. You can print and share the system generated batch sheet with your technician to cross-verify at further steps.

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Benefits & Advantages for Labs

The process automation for PCR plating allows labs to avail the following advantages -

  • Quick batch creation targeting 96 samples at a time - Ensures Maximum Utilisation and Saves Processing TAT
  • Generate worklist automatically with patient & sample info - Eliminates manual effort at sample arrangement
  • Automate upload of sample position to machine (using machine interfacing) - Reduces manual errors like entering wrong sample id into the machine
  • Extract count of the sample under process vs pending - Effective to manage workload
  • Generate batches from mobile using doctors app - Saves logistical TAT

How does it work?

  • Select the samples you want to create batch for
  • You can assign any position in a grid of 12x8 or the system can assign positions to samples for you
  • Create batch if you have all the samples or save a draft to keep on adding samples as they come to ensure maximum utilization of machine cycle
  • Generate a batch sheet to help you position the samples and keep track of them
  • Excel export of samples with the position which can be directly uploaded to the machine to save time manually entering sample id one by one