Godavari Doke

Godavari Doke


COVID-19 Antibody vs Antigen Tests - Role in Community Testing

Antigen & Antibody tests are rapid testing procedures performed on blood samples to detect antigens & antibodies for an illness. For nCOV disease, they are recommended for community testing aiming to...

Importance, Results & Impact of Mumbai’s Sero Survey

This blog describes How the Serological Survey Conducted amongst Slums & Non Slums in a densely populated city like Mumbai will help to understand our immunity level against COVID-19

Enable COVID-19 Smart Reports for Patients on LiveHealth LIMS

Offer patients more information than being tested 'Positive' or 'Negative.' Smart COVID-19 reports clearly explains them about health risks, symptoms and best precautionary practices to follow.  

COVID-19 Lab Setup in 15 mins - LiveHealth's Digital Solution for Efficient Testing at Scale

With the rapidly spreading of COVID-19 disease on a global level, the governments in a few countries decided to authorize all pathology labs for community testing (antibody & antigen test); aiming to...

Manage Lab's Finances Better by using Test Analytics

  What is Test Analytics? Test Analytics illustrates statistical data of the top tests performed at your centre; giving you more clarity on their type, department, source and billing details. It...

Personalise Brand Visibility - Offer Complete Lab Details

Customer attraction is enhanced when their requirements match what you offer; creating better awareness. Giving them more visibility about your Lab services by listing them under center details can...

Build Customer Trust - Inform Patients about the Safety Measures you are Taking!

There is a sense of fear amongst patients to visit a medical lab or centre post lock-down. This is why we must communicate to patients well in advance about all the hygiene and precautionary measures...

Trends Report - Enable Continuous Monitoring of Patients’ Health

The era of smart technology is shifting the gear for healthcare. Today accessibility is the key holder to managing patients’ health spontaneously striking out the additional waiting time to deliver...

How Paranjape Diagnostics Manages 2x Sample Load with the Same Number of Staff!

Upgrading to Standard Plan from Lite Plan enabled Paranjape Diagnostics to elevate staff productivity, improve reporting accuracy and have better patient care services.  

Enable Patients to Understand their Health with Smart Reports

Understanding medical terminologies and nomenclatures has always been a challenge for common people. It also stands as one of the top causes of taking an incorrect decision on health.